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Representative Example Guarantor Loan

Representative 42.9% APR Fixed

Borrow £4,000 over 48 months. Pay back £158.90 per month. Total repayable £7,627.20

Interest payable £3,627.20.

Annual interest rate 36.24% Fixed

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Guarantor Loans FAQ

What are Guarantor Loans?

It is often the case that a person cannot get a loan because of their credit history. Guarantor Loans are special loans offered in these circumstances, provided that someone who has a good credit history offers to pay the loan if the debtor fails to make repayments i.e. defaults on the loan. This person is referred to as the Guarantor.

An option that can help ease the mind of the prospective Guarantor is to ask the debtor to sign an indemnity. This is a contract that states the debtor will pay back the Guarantor, should the Guarantor be forced to pay back the loan for the debtor. A Guarantor Loan is therefore a flexible option for most people.

Who can apply for a Guarantor Loan?

Anyone above the age of 18 is eligible to apply for a guarantor loan, provided they can supply an appropriate guarantor. The credit score of the applicant is not taken into account, but all responsible lenders will endeavour to make sure that the guarantor loan is affordable to the applicant.

Who can act as Guarantor?

A Guarantor can be almost anyone - a friend, colleague or family member (excluding spouse), who may wish to assist. The Guarantor must be a homeowner with an excellent credit history.

How much can I borrow under a Guarantor Loan?

Our Guarantor Loans can be for between £500 and £7,500, depending on individual circumstances.

Can Guarantor Loans be settled early?

Yes, our Guarantor Loans can be settled at anytime during the term of the loan and without any penalties. The sooner you can repay your guarantor loan, the more money you save.

Can my Guarantor change their mind?

Your Guarantor can change their mind at any time providing the loan hasn't been paid out. Once the loan has been paid out, your guarantor cannot change their mind and will be responsible for the repayments on the loan (in the event of default by the debtor) and any other charges until the loan has been paid off.

How long do Guarantor Loans take to complete?

Our guarantor loans are normally paid out on the same day that you apply.

If you think you have a suitable guarantor - apply using our "no obligation" 60 second Fast Track form above!

With our Guarantor Loans there are no face to face interviews or intrusive home visits required.

Representative 47.9% APR Fixed (Guarantor Loans only)

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