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  • GBP Loans are now offering guarantor loans in Northern Ireland
  • FIXED low rates – no computerised decisions
  • Quick approval - SAME DAY PAYOUT possible
  • We are a broker not a lender

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  • No credit checks at this stage
  • Same day payout possible
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Representative Example Guarantor Loan

Representative 42.9% APR Fixed

Borrow £4,000 over 48 months. Pay back £158.90 per month. Total repayable £7,627.20

Interest payable £3,627.20.

Annual interest rate 36.24% Fixed

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GBP Loans, Treating Customers Fairly

GBP Loans is committed to treating all customers fairly. All marketing and advertising is clear, fair and not misleading. All customer data is kept secure at all times, and sensitive data is encrypted if transferred to, or from, third parties.

GBP Loans lends responsibly, ensuring customers receive recommendations on loans and other products that are suitable and affordable to them. Any complaints are handled impartially and on their own merits. GBP Loans is also sensitive to customers in financial difficulty.

Policy for Treating Customers Fairly - March 2010

GBP Loans is committed to the principles of TCF. Customers need to feel confident that we see the fair treatment of customers as central to our culture and to the long-term success of our business. We have translated this commitment into a series of themes, which underpin our operating model, systems and processes. The themes have been designed around the "Customer Journey".

Product Design and Governance

The design of products extends beyond the product itself to encompass the sales delivery method/distribution channel and more pertinently, the clarity and fairness of the supporting documentation. When assessing TCF in product design we consider the inherent risks and complexity of each product distributed.

Marketing and Financial Promotions

A central part of our approach to TCF is that all marketing materials/activities are clear, fair and not misleading. The fair treatment of customers is paramount throughout the whole sales process, ensuring the potential for misleading customers is eliminated.

We commit to ensuring that:

All marketing material, including advertising, email marketing and website material is approved before issue.

Fair Lending

We commit to ensuring that every sale passes three key tests:


Like any financial services organisation, we occasionally receive customer complaints. We ensure these complaints are addressed fairly and consistently. Although the nature of complaints may vary, all complaints are considered with equal importance. All complaints are reviewed as objectively as possible. We aim to respond in full to all complaints within four weeks from receipt. This is monitored and reported to the Senior Management Team and the Directors.

We co-operate fully with the Financial Ombudsman Service, and respond within the deadlines they request.

Arrears and Defaults

The Collections Team operates under a comprehensive Arrears & Defaults Policy. The Policy describes our responsibilities to customers who are in financial distress. The Policy requires that we treat every customer as an individual and that, wherever possible and practical, we will work with the customer to find ways to meet their contractual commitment to us. The Training and Competence arrangements within the Collections team are aimed at ensuring the Policy's requirements are met. These are further monitored independently and regularly by Group Compliance and Group Internal Audit.

Client Communication

We aim to provide all communications with customers, whether oral or written, in a manner that is clear, fair and not misleading. To this end, we are committed to:

Staff Remuneration

All our staff are salaried, with some employees being partly rewarded on performance. Where bonuses/rewards are available to staff these are based on both results and behaviour (including full alignment with TCF). This is in line with the predominance of financial services organisations.

Training Policy

A comprehensive Training and Competence programme is in force encompassing staff at all levels, including key senior management.
The on-going delivery of training and development ensures staff possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide a service level that meets and surpasses the customer's expectations.

All staff are subject to initial training and are then managed to ensure they maintain levels of competence. In addition, each employee has a personal development plan, tailored to their individual needs. A skills gap analysis is performed on key personnel to ensure that the required skills and knowledge are maintained, or provided for, at all times.

We are committed to supporting all staff in their career development.

Management Information (MI)

We have comprehensive MI in place to monitor performance of each of our businesses. Dedicated TCF MI is produced and reviewed on a monthly basis.

The TCF MI is not just data, it includes commentary and opinions to help provide a comprehensive and balanced view on each business.

Business Relationships

We maintain strong relationships with our strategic partners.

Strategic Change

We consider how the treatment of customers may be affected after any strategic change and we have a robust check and challenge procedure in place to sign off any operational strategic change.

Data Protection

A comprehensive data security policy has been established to ensure customer data is secure at all times. This means that any customer data that is transferred to third parties, is encrypted. We require the same of any partners transferring customer data to us. No customer data is stored on the hard drives of laptops. All PCs are configured to prevent the uploading of unlicensed software and USB ports are disabled so that memory sticks and other such devices cannot be used.

All telephone calls with customers are recorded automatically and are retrievable only with the permission of designated individuals. No member of staff is permitted to use mobile phones to communicate with customers. The fair treatment of customers is central to our culture and to the long-term success of our business.

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