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Guarantor Loans - we help 100's of people every day!

GBP Loans are specialists in Unsecured loans for both Homeowners and Tenants, even if you have a bad credit rating or poor credit history, which is why our guarantor loans are so accessible - they are guaranteed by your guarantor!

We will not charge you any fees whatsoever. Now you can be certain there is nothing to lose if your application is not accepted & there is no obligation. Most brokers will charge you a fee prior to completion, even if your application is unsuccessful - under Section 155 of the Consumer Credit Act, they are entitled to retain a "nominal fee of £5". We will not charge you a penny to apply for one of our guarantor loans or bad credit loans!

Step 1 Use FAST Track to tell us how much cash you need
Step 2 We will acknowledge your application by email or text
Step 3 We will contact you by telephone to complete your application
Step 4 On acceptance, the MONEY is sent out usually on the same day

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Guarantor loans can assist in repairing the credit rating of the borrower providing all repayments are met on time.

Guarantor Loans

Guarantor loans are most suitable for people who are having difficulty obtaining credit. In these cases, guarantor loans provide a good alternative and a rapid payout, subject to affordability, providing there is someone who can act as your guarantor. GBP Loans are independent and have access to most guarantor loans in the UK (not just one!), so that we can offer the best loan to suit your circumstances and you won't have to apply anywhere else! We will not charge any application fees (we are paid directly by the lender) and there is no obligation whatsoever.

Guarantor loans are unsecured loans and will not be secured against your home. Unfortunately, we cannot accept IVA's or bankruptcy cases, but all other adverse credit such as CCJ's or defaults will be considered providing your guarantor has a good credit rating and is a UK homeowner between the ages of 25 and 75 and not be your partner or spouse living with you.

Borrow up to £7,500 We never charge a fee!

All you need is a suitable guarantor, even if you have a bad credit rating or poor credit history, providing you can afford the monthly repayments.

Your guarantor knows you best & provides the additional security we need!

Your guarantor must be a UK homeowner between the ages of 25 and 75, have a good credit history and not be your partner or spouse living with you.

At GBP Loans we like to keep things simple & pass these savings to our customers...

That's why we provide the most competitive rates for Guarantor Loans in the UK!

Same day payout

Our processes are optimised:

So, if you think you have a suitable guarantor, you can apply NOW on our "no obligation" 60 second Fast Track form above!

Guarantor Loans and how to re-build your credit rating

GBP Loans are specialists in providing Guarantor loans. Guarantor Loans offer a new category of unsecured loan, which are not entirely reliant on the credit rating of the applicant. Instead, guarantor loans rely on the good credit rating of the person who is prepared to guarantee the loan if the applicant defaults - the guarantor. The financial crisis has meant that many people have lost what were once very good credit ratings. As we all know, if your credit rating is poor, it is very difficult to obtain credit of any kind - be it through credit cards, loans or even normal shop store cards. Guarantor loans are one way to consider obtaining credit and also to rebuild the credit rating of the applicant. In conclusion, considering guarantor loans is something that should be taken very seriously, as it can have far reaching effects for all parties should repayments not be met. Ultimately though, guarantor loans offer another route to credit for those who cannot acquire it.

Not all Guarantor Loans are the same

With many of the major unsecured lenders pulling out of the market, there has been added pressure on Introducers and Brokers, who have increasingly been turning to guarantor loans to earn their commission from a very small number of specialist lenders. These introducers are usually allied to a single lender and do not offer a genuine comparison of guarantor loans, unlike some of the larger traditional brokers that are now becoming increasingly rare. However, not all guarantor loans are the same. The acceptance criteria both for applicants and guarantors vary considerably. Responsible lenders will check that guarantor loans are affordable to applicants. The annual percentage rates (APR's) for guarantor loans also vary considerably, depending on these acceptance thresholds. The APR rates not only vary between lenders, but often increase from the advertised rate and quoted rates to the final (post underwriting) rate - be careful when rates escalate unduly.

The Office of Fair Trading stipulates that the advertised APR rate should indicate that fifty-one percent of completed guarantor loans fall beneath this percentage and should not be used as a marketing ploy to attract new clients. Also, be wary of sites that show no rate at all!

Finally, all responsible lenders will have a detailed "Treating Customers Fairly" (TCF) policy. Check carefully before deciding which lender to choose.

  • GBP Loans are now offering guarantor loans in Northern Ireland
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  • Quick approval - SAME DAY PAYOUT
  • Dedicated advisor - FREE helpline

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Representative Example Guarantor Loan

Representative 45.3% APR Fixed

Borrow £4,000 over 48 months. Pay back £163.07 per month. Total repayable £7,827.36

Interest payable £3,427.36. Broker fee payable £400.00.

Annual interest rate 31.8% Fixed

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Why Choose GBP Guarantor Loans?

  • No computerised decisions
  • No Application Fee
  • Quick decision – same day payout
  • No face to face interviews or intrusive home visits
  • No penalties for early redemption
  • No call centres, 0870 numbers or menus
  • Borrow up to £7,500
  • Dedicated advisor until completion
  • Over 200,000 satisfied clients
  • Simple process
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